Rich in both flavor and color, Yamasa soy sauce delicately brings out the full range of flavors in the complete spectrum of world-wide cuisines. Used in kitchen preparations or as a familiar condiment at the table, the Yamasa name is synonymous with quality and good taste.

Soy Sauce: Yamasa produces a slow brewed soy sauce that is naturally fermented and free of all artificial flavorings. For those concerned with sodium intake, Yamasa manufactures a reduced-salt soy sauce that is created through a fermentation and desalination process that assures full flavor and reduced sodium.

Teriyaki Marinade and Sauce: Yamasa teriyaki marinade and sauce is the perfect addition to a wide variety of Asian cuisines. Yamasa teriyaki marinade and sauce present a unique tang. Yamasa authentic flavor teriyaki marinade and sauce will sweeten up in a dish and adds a delightful flavor that complements any type of rice or meat-based meal. Taste the old world flavor of the Orient every time that you use Yamasa teriyaki marinade and sauce.

Yamasa Corporation began exports of soy sauce to the U.S. over 130 years ago. Demand for the product has steadily grown and in June 1992 Yamasa incorporated the USA division in Salem, Oregon, marking a memorable page in Yamasa's history and establishing a U.S. production and distribution facility. The 65,000 square-foot plant -- situated on a 25 acre site -- is capable of supplying over 1.7 million gallons of soy sauce per year.

Oregon's moderate climate, humidity and quality water are instrumental in the brewing of soy sauce, environmentally assisting the required fermentation process that produces a mellow distinctive taste. The product is made during a six-month fermentation process that utilizes the finest soybeans, wheat, and sea salt.

The state-of-the-art plant in Salem, Oregon, where raw material handling is automated but the brewing process remains the same as it was 350 years ago.

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